Hardware Stores

The nuts and bolts of a hardware store are… well… nuts and bolts. When it comes to outdoor cooking, owning a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill is the same sort of no-brainer. When you become an authorized Traeger grill dealer, your customers will have access to the full line of Traeger products. Whether customers prefer the traditional Texas Grill or the unique style of the Lil’ Pig, they’ll be able to find them at your store.

Traeger’s wide variety of wood pellets will also keep customers coming back again and again. One week they may pop in to grab cherry wood pellets for chicken, and the next they’ll be back buying mesquite pellets for steaks. With every return visit, the opportunity for residual sales is prominent.

As your customers will quickly discover, food off a Traeger grill just tastes better. The bland flavors produced by charcoal and propane just can’t compare to the bold taste drawn from all-natural wood pellets.

With Traeger grills, you will be selling the “nuts and bolts” of eating well.