Appliance Stores

No appliance store should miss the opportunity to be part of the Traeger Revolution. Sure ovens and microwaves are often seen as cooking essentials, but Traeger grills will help your customers unlock flavors they never thought possible.

With our wide variety of wood pellets, Traeger owners can cook taste-bud popping dishes with the ease of turning a dial. Whether it’s apple-flavored pork chops or pecan chicken, every Traeger owner can unlock their inner grill-master. The meals they create will keep them coming back for more. Your store will benefit from the residual sales. It’s a benefit that few appliances can offer.

Your customers will quickly discover that food off a Traeger grill just tastes better. The bland taste produced by charcoal and propane can’t compare to the bold flavors drawn from Traeger’s all-natural wood pellets. They are the healthier, safer, and tastier grilling alternative. Traeger Grills are able to barbecue, smoke, and even bake. The versatility is unrivaled.

Once your customers try it, their Traeger grill will be as essential as any appliance in their home.